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Paul Stankard Botanical Sculpture Murano Tumbler Goblet - Cafe de Paris
Murano Tumbler
Our Price: $55.00
Sale Price: $45.00
Savings: $10.00
Goblet - Cafe de Paris
Our Price: $49.00
STA2404. Paul Stankard botanical sculpture. I’m pleased to announce that this monumental Cactus botanical is currently available. The realistic looking green cactus has six yellow blossoms, nine buds, and an inquisitive brown ant. Beneath the earth ground are a complex root system with three “root spirits”. Signed in script on back side “Paul J. Stankard RH5 1998”. 5 ¾” tall.

ITA2632.  Murano
millefiori tumbler 3 ¾” tall.  

CHN3148.  Yurana goblet of a lamp-worked French lady having tea while seated at a side walk café.   8 3/5" tall.   Excellent condition
Joe St. Clair Candle Holders Perthshire Paperweight Coffee Mug Murano Bell
Joe St. Clair Candle Holders
Our Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $50.00
Savings: $35.00
Murano Bell
Our Price: $85.00
Sale Price: $55.00
Savings: $30.00
STC370A signed pair of Joe St. Clair candle holders with an internal design of blue "ice pick" flowers. Excellent Condition. 3 1/8" diameter, 3" tall. PER3879.  Made by Highland China of Scotland for Perthshire is this ceramic coffee mug depicting a Perthshire millefiori paperweight as well as the Perthshire Paperweights logo.   3 1/8” tall.   Signed on underneath side.

ITA2631.  Murano
millefiori bell in various colors with and applied clear frosted lampworked elephant.  Unsigned.  
5” tall.    

Caithness Millefiori Thimble Perthshire or Caithness Millefiori Tie Tack Scottish Millefiori Tie Tack
CAT3869.  Caithness millefiori Thimble.   Blue glass base with an applied blue/white millefiori cane cluster.    Cane cluster is 1/2” diameter, Overall height is 1”. CAT3870.  Perthshire or Caithness Millefiori Tie Tack.   Purchased in Scotland is this millefiori cane cluster mounted on metal tie tack hardware.    1/2” diameter, 3/4” long. CAT3871.  Perthshire or Caithness Millefiori Tie Tack.   Purchased in Scotland is this millefiori cane cluster mounted on metal tie tack hardware.   5/8” diameter, 3/4” long.
Charles Kaziun Rose Tie Tack Charles Kaziun Masonic Tie Tack Tony DePalma Perfume
Tony DePalma Perfume
Our Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $125.00
Savings: $50.00
KAZ3877.  Attributed to Charles Kaziun is this Pink Rope Rose Tie Tack on a cobalt blue ground.    5/8” diameter.   Slight roughage to base. KAZ3058.   Charles Kaziun tie tack with a gold inclusion of the Masonic Square and Compass on a cobalt blue ground.   Original metal clasp.  5/8” diameter. DEP999. 1982 Tony DePalma perfume bottle. The bottle has a yellow "Devil's Fire" internal design with a matching yellow swirl stopper. Signed and dated. 7 ¼" tall.
Pairpoint Perfume Bottle Charles Kaziun Pink Rose Stick Pin Caithness Bezique Perfume Bottle
Pairpoint Perfume Bottle
Our Price: $150.00

PPT2783.  Bryden
Pairpoint from the 1970’s paperweight perfume bottle.   The clear bottle is comprised of controlled
bubbles, while the stopper has five Clichy-type rose canes on a translucent
green ground.   The bottle retains the
original paper label.   5 ¼” tall.    

KAZ3873.  Attributed to Charles Kaziun is this pink rose stick pin.  3/4” diameter, 2 3/4” long.   Unsigned. CAT3903.  Caithness Bezique paperweight perfume bottle designed by Colin Terris in 1990.  Artist Proof from a limited edition size of 250, but closed at no. 107.  The base is signed in script “Caithness Scotland”.  5” tall.   3 1/4” diameter.
St. Louis Letter Seals Cape Cod Glass Works Vase Murano Powder Jar
St. Louis Letter Seals
Our Price: $175.00
Cape Cod Glass Works Vase
Our Price: $175.00
Murano Powder Jar
Our Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $300.00
Savings: $200.00

STL2384.  Contemporary St. Louis letter seals; one in ruby with white
striping and one in cobalt blue with white striping. Signed and dated with a
“1974 St. Louis France” acid-etched insignia. 4 ¼” tall

CCG814.  Cape Cod Glass Works red and blue swirl vase with a white interior casing and three applied marble feet.   While Bill Burchfield is known for his wonderful paperweights, he also made some nice vases and other table ware.   This is a rather unusual vase in that is combines his ability to make marbles with his ability to blow glass vases.   Signed on underneath side with a "CCGW" signature cane.  5 3/4" tall.   Excellent condition.

ITA2635.  Murano
millefiori powder jar with original metal hardware.   3 ½” tall, 6” diameter.  

Perthshire Millefiori Bottle Perthshire PP74 Faceted Bottle With Pattern Millefiori Robert Wetzel Paperweight Plaque
Perthshire Millefiori Bottle
Our Price: $350.00
Sale Price: $300.00
Savings: $50.00

PER2652.  Unusual undocumented Perthshire millefiori bottle.  The paperweight base of the bottle has a seven spoke design separating cane groups of 1-2-3 surrounding a central cane with a ring of pink canes and an outer double ring of blue and chartreuse canes.  Although it is not signed, it does retain the original paper label.  This bottle was never fitted for a stopper.  Applied clear pedestal foot.   Ground concave pontil.  8 ¾” tall.   Judging from the canes this is an early bottle for Perthshire.  Excellent condition.  

PER3901.  Perthshire PP74 faceted bottle having a base of pattern millefiori canes on an opaque blue ground.  Signed with a “P” signature cane within the design.   Matching stopper has a millefiori cane that reflects the base design.   6” tall. WET2474.   Large Robert Wetzel Plaque featuring two pink/white blossoms and one bud on a mutli-colored spatter ground.   Signed with a "RW" signature cane.  6 inches in diameter, 1 1/2 inches thick.
1979 Perthshire Overlay Bottle Murano Toucan Glass Sculpture Charles Kaziun Perfume Bottle with Rose Stopper
PER3881.  1979 Perthshire Cobalt Blue Overlay Bottle having a lampwork flower in the bottom and the stopper has a matching bud.   The bottle has twenty four side facets and the stopper has sixteen side facets.   Signed with a “P” signature cane in the center of the flower.   331 of these were made.   5 1/4” tall. MUR4138.   Murano monumental Toucan glass Sculpture in the style of Dino Martens.  9” tall, 10” wide.  Sculpture weighs 15 pounds. Unsigned. KAZ3807.  Charles Kaziun perfume bottle having a crimp rose stopper.  Bottle was made by Pairpoint and has an engraved tulip design.   Stopper is signed with a “K” signature cane.   Stopper is 1 1/4” diameter, Overall height is 5”.
John Gooderham Double Overlay Tie Tack John Gooderham Overlay Tie Tack Perthshire PP15 Inkwell
Perthshire PP15 Inkwell
Our Price: $450.00
GDH3874.  John Gooderham Double Overlay Concentric Millefiori Tie Tack.   Signed with a “J” signature cane.  5/8” diameter. GDH3875.  John Gooderham Overlay tie tack having a gold foil elephant on a cobalt blue ground.   Signed with a “J” signature cane.   3/4”. Diameter.

PER2208. Perthshire PP15 Inkwell with matching stopper and base. The base contains a close-packed millefiori pattern on a translucent blue ground, and has two rows of facets with each row containing four large and four small facets. The matching stopper has a single top facet and two rows of four oval facets each. Signed with a "P" cane in the stopper. 6" tall.  

Orient & Flume Vase Whittemore White Rose Perfume Bottle Randall Grubb Floral Plaque
Orient & Flume Vase
Our Price: $450.00

ORF2606.  Orient &
Flume Fish shoulder vase with a single angle fish swimming amongst green and
purple plants.  Signed on base in script “Orient
& Flume   - P0027K84218 – Beyers –
37/500”.  6 5/8” tall.  

WHT3882.  Francis Whittemore White Rose Perfume Bottle.   A fifteen petaled white crimp rose is in the base of the bottle while a matching rose is in the stopper.   Signed with a “W” signature cane on underneath side of the base and the stopper.   4” tall. GRU3745.  Randall Grubb rectangular paperweight plaque featuring one red blossom, three purple blossoms and a stalk of red flowers.   Signed in script on one of the sides.   4” by 4 1/4” by 1/2” thick.