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Pairpoint Pig Paperweight Pairpoint Sulphide - Pat Nixon Pairpoint Scramble Paperweight
Pairpoint Pig Paperweight
Our Price: $75.00
PPT3421.   Bryden Pairpoint pig paperweight having multi-colored glass shards in the shape of a pig.   It does have one chip to the back of the pig near the tail.   3 1/4" long. PPT3420. A rare Pairpoint Sulphide paperweight depicting Pat Nixon. Not many of these were made and they are hard to find. This paperweight features a cameo of Pat Nixon on a cobalt blue ground. Four side facets and one top facet. Signed with a "P in a diamond" on the underside. There is one small internal fracture next to the sulphide. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition. 2 1/4" diameter, 1 5/8" tall.
PPT2907. Pairpoint scramble with several multi-colored partial and whole rods, canes and twists on a clear ground. Made by Bryden Pairpoint from the 1970’s. Most of these weights were unsigned, but were usually marked with a paper label. Unfortunately they do fall off over time. 2 ¾” diameter, 2 ¼” tall.
Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight Pairpoint Pedestal Paperweight
PPT3651.  Bryden Pairpoint paperweight having a sulphide of a lady with flowing hair.  The design rests on a translucent green ground.   Fire-polished pontil and retains original paper label.   3” diameter, 2 ?” tall. PPT3652.  Bryden Pairpoint paperweight having a sulphide of a portrait of a Victorian Lady on a translucent cobalt blue ground.   Fire-polished pontil.   3” diameter, 1 3/4” tall.

PPT2782.  Bryden Pairpoint from the 1970’s with red, white and blue internal twists surrounded by controlled bubbles.   Applied clear crystal foot with garland cutting.   Signed with a “P in diamond” signature.   4” tall.  

Pairpoint Perfume Bottle Pairpoint Scramble Paperweight Pairpoint Marbrie Paperweight
Pairpoint Perfume Bottle
Our Price: $150.00

PPT2783.  Bryden
Pairpoint from the 1970’s paperweight perfume bottle.   The clear bottle is comprised of controlled
bubbles, while the stopper has five Clichy-type rose canes on a translucent
green ground.   The bottle retains the
original paper label.   5 ¼” tall.    

PPT3424.   Pairpoint Scramble paperweight having multi-colored full and partial canes on an opaque blue ground.   2 3/4" diameter, 2 1/8" tall. PPT2908.   Bryden Pairpoint amethyst pink and white marbrie design over a rosaria pad.   In the center of the design is a white clichy-type rose cane.   Unsigned.   2 7/8” diameter, 2 5/8” tall.
Pairpoint Swirl Paperweight Pairpoint Internal Marbrie Pairpoint Sulphide
Pairpoint Internal Marbrie
Our Price: $175.00
Pairpoint Sulphide
Our Price: $175.00
PPT2909. Bryden Pairpoint swirl paperweight in colors of pink, white, green, and teal with a central pink & green Clichy-type rose cane. Unsigned. 2 ¾” diameter, 2 ¼” tall.
PPT2910.  Bryden Pairpoint paperweight with an internal marbrie design of purple and white.   This internal design is surrounded by controlled bubbles and signed with a “P” signature cane.   It also retains the original paper label.   2 5/8” diameter, 2 3/8” tall. PPT2913. Pairpoint did make some sulphide paperweights, but they are very difficult to find them. This one is has a cameo of a Victorian Woman surrounded by eight Clichy-type rose canes on a clear ground. Four side facets and one top facet and scratched signed with a “P” in a diamond which is Pairpoints logo. 2 ¾” diameter, 1 ¾” tall.
Pairpoint Spaced Millefiori Pairpoint Swirl Paperweight Pairpoint Crown Paperweight
PAR2386. A large Pairpoint spaced millefiori paperweight with 15 complex millefiori canes on an opaque pastel blue ground. Retains original paper label. 3 ¾” diameter, 2 1/8” tall. PPT3419.  Bryden Pairpoint Swirl paperweight from the 1970's.  A central "Clichy-type" rose is surrounded by teal and white swirls.  2 3/4" diameter, 2 1/4" tall. PPT3425.   Bryden Pairpoint Crown Paperweight having a central "Clichy-type" rose cane with radiating twists of black and white.   Unsigned.   Ground and polished pontil and base.   2 1/4" diameter, 1 7/8" tall.
Pairpoint Pedestal Snake Paperweight Bryden Pairpoint Enamelware Paperweight Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight
PPT3427.  Pairpoint Pedestal paperweight with a blue snake wrapped around a white orb with a white opalescent applied foot.   The blue snake has an amethyst head with beady eyes.   3" diameter, 4 1/8" tall.   Fire-polished pontil PPT852. This is a Bryden Pairpoint Enamelware paperweight in the shape of an owl.   It consists of several bits of colored glass including millefiori canes.   4 1/4" tall. PPT3653.  Bryden Pairpoint Paperweight having a central sulphide of a man dressed in military uniform surrounded by a garland of millefiori canes on a pink ground.   Fire-polished pontil.   3 1/8” diameter, 1 3/4” tall.
Pairpoint Paperweight Bowl Pairpoint Burmese Crimp Rose Pairpoint Millefiori Paperweight
Pairpoint Paperweight Bowl
Our Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $195.00
Savings: $180.00
PAR1201. Bryden Pairpoint Large Bowl with a yellow crimped rose paperweight connector. Large clear bowl and pedestal foot. 10 ¾" tall. Excellent condition. PPT2911.  Bryden Pairpoint Burmese crimped rose paperweight.   The rose petals shade from a pink to a pale yellow – a favorite color pattern often seen in antique and contemporary Pairpoint glass.   Five side facets and one top facet.   Unsigned.   2 ¾” diameter, 2 3/8” tall. PPT2912. It is rare to find so many millefiori canes in a single paperweight made by Pairpoint. This is as close to a close-pack as I’ve ever seen. There are several green, yellow, pink and white millefiori canes on a translucent green ground. There are six top facets and it is unsigned. A true rarity. 2 ¾” diameter, 2” tall.
Pairpoint Sulphide - President Richard  Nixon Pairpoint Double Overlay Millefiori Paperweight Pairpoint Purple Crimp Rose
PPT3423. Bryden Pairpoint sulphide paperweight of Richard Nixon surrounded by a row of "Clichy- type roses" on an opaque blue ground. Four side facets and one top facet. Fire-polished pontil, ground flat base. Retains original paper label. 2 3/4" diameter, 1 3/4" tall.
PPT3422.   Pairpoint Double Overlay Millefiori paperweight having 10 canes on an amethyst cushion with a purple over white overlay.   Four side facets and one top facet.   2 5/8" diameter, 1 5/8" tall. PPT2914.   Pairpoint purple crimp rose paperweight having a petal pattern of 2,3,4,4 with four green leaves and four green stems.   It has five side facets , one top facet and a basket cut on the lower half of the weight.   Unsigned.   2 7/8” diameter, 2 3/8” tall.
Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight - Pansy Pairpoint Crimp Rose Paperweight Pairpoint Pedestal Amethyst  Crimp Rose Paperweight
PPT3418.   Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight of a multi-colored pansy on a cobalt blue ground.   The sulphide is surrounded by four millefiori canes.   Four side facets and one top facet.   Fire-polished pontil with a ground flat base.   3" diameter, 2 1/8" tall.   This is a rare Pairpoint sulphide that is seldom seen. PPT3426.   Bryden Pairpoint white crimp rose with a petal pattern of 2, 3, 4, 4.   This paperweight has exquisite cutting that could only be performed by Ed Poore.   It has six side facets, One top concave facet with a star cutting.   It also has approximately 42 bottom flutes.  Very attractive and showy.   2 5/8" diameter, 2" tall.   Retains original paper label.

PPT3621.  Bryden Pairpoint pedestal Amethyst Crimp Rose Paperweight.   This early Pairpoint crimp rose is an early one having a crimp pattern of 3, 3, 4, 4.  This one is signed with a "P" signature cane and dated in script "1974".  It has five top facets and a clear crystal pedestal foot.   Pedestal foot in engraved in the "Vintage" pattern.  3" diameter, 4 1/4" tall.   Excellent condition.

Pairpoint Pink Snake Paperweight Bryden Pairpoint Applied Snake Paperweight Bryden Pairpoint Pedestal Snake Paperweight
PPT3649.  Bryden Pairpoint white opal pedestal paperweight with an applied striped pink snake with gold aventurine eyes.   Fire-polished pontil.  3 1/2” diameter, 4 1/2” tall.   $275 PPT4227.  Bryden Pairpoint Striped green snake applied to a blue opaline pedestal paperweight.  The snake is a srtiped green snake with blue eyes.   Unsigned.  3 1/2” diameter, 5” tall. PPT4228.  Bryden Pairpoint multi-colored snake applied to a white opaline pedestal paperweight.  The snake is in colors of blue, red, green, and white.  Signed with an etched “P” in a diamond and numbered “NO-99”.   4” diameter, 5” tall.