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Chris Heilman Golden Angel Sculpture Chris Heilman French Angel Sculpture Chris Heilman Wisteria Vase
HEL3345.  2002 Chris Heilman Golden Angel fish sculpture featuring a large golden-colored angel fish swimming amongst multi-colored coral.  Signed and dated in script.   5 1/2" diameter by 6" tall. HEL3341.   1996 Chris Heilman underwater glass sculpture titled "French Angels" features two blue angel fish swimming amongst colorful coral and sea life.   5 1/2" wide, 4 3/4" tall, and 3 3/4" deep.  Excellent condition and quite appealing.   Signed and dated in Script. HEL3344.  1996 Chris Heilman Wisteria vase featuring a wisteria plant that encompasses the entire vase with purple blossoms and green leaves.   Underneath the wisteria are multiple purple and yellow florets and green leaves.   Signed and dated in script.    5" diameter, 4 1/2" tall.
Chris Heilman Grouper Sculpture
HEL3343.  Monumental Chris Heilman underwater glass sculpture featuring a large orange grouper, four jelly fish, 10 yellow squids and multi-colored coral.   The background has a clear textured finish that adds to the design.   A truly wonderful piece and a great addition to any collection.    12 1/2" wide, 8" tall, and 5" deep and weighs 22 pounds.