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Cape Cod Glass Works Vase Cape Cod Glass Works Crown Paperweight Cape Cod Glass Works Marbrie Paperweight
Cape Cod Glass Works Vase
Our Price: $175.00
CCG814.  Cape Cod Glass Works red and blue swirl vase with a white interior casing and three applied marble feet.   While Bill Burchfield is known for his wonderful paperweights, he also made some nice vases and other table ware.   This is a rather unusual vase in that is combines his ability to make marbles with his ability to blow glass vases.   Signed on underneath side with a "CCGW" signature cane.  5 3/4" tall.   Excellent condition. CCG4244.  Cape Cod Glass Works unusual crown having a yellow interior base color with an applied white latticinio crown over it.   The design is then encased in clear crystal glass and has a central cane cluster on the top.  One top facet.   Signed on underneath side with a Clichy-type rose signature cane.   2 3/4”diameter,   2 3/8’” tall. CCG4242.  Cape Cod Glass Works Blue & White Marbrie with a central millefiori cane cluster featuring a Clichy-type rose.   It is not signed, but attribution is positive as I purchased this directly from the studio in Sagamore, Masschusetts.  2 5/8” diameter, 2 1/4”. Tall.
Cape Cod Glass Works Crown Paperweight Andy Dohan Shadow Box - Cape Cod Glass Works
CCG4243.  Cape Cod Glass Works 2 color crown with a central Clichy-type rose cane.   Signed in script “W Burchfield” and also retains the original paper label.   Ground & polished pontil.   3 1/8” diameter, 2 1/2” tall. DHN4232.  Andy Dohan created this glass millefiori shadow box which consists of millefiori canes and twists made by Cape Cod Glass Works.  It includes signature canes, Clichy-type rose canes, milleifiori canes and latticinio twists.  12 3/4” x 12 3/4” x 1 1/4” deep.