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SMT408   Pair of Smith Brothers Vases
SMT411   Pair of Smith Brothers Vases
SMT432   Pair of Smith Brothers Vases
VIC734   Pair of Victorian Mary Gregary Vases
PPT792   Pairpoing Cut Glass Water Pitcher
PPT796   Pairpoint Ice Bucket w/Polar Bear Decoration
PPT787   Pairpoint Black Glass Decanter
PPT829   Pairpoint Blue Ribbon Compote
PPT2911   Pairpoint Burmese Crimp Rose
PPT367   Pairpoint Burmese Jack-in-the-Pulpit
PPT3656   Pairpoint Cocktail Pitcher - Bryant Silvia
PPT850   Pairpoint Compote w/Bubble Ball Connector
PPT851   Pairpoint Compote w/Controlled Bubble Rosaria Glass
PPT3426   Pairpoint Crimp Rose Paperweight
PPT3425   Pairpoint Crown Paperweight
PPT827   Pairpoint Cut Compote
PPT775   Pairpoint Cut Glass Bowl
PPT3422   Pairpoint Double Overlay Millefiori Paperweight
PPT196   Pairpoint Enamelware Decanter
PPT798   Pairpoint Ink Well
PPT2910   Pairpoint Internal Marbrie
PPL825   Pairpoint Limoges Compote
PPT759   Pairpoint Limoges Cup and Saucer
PPT777   Pairpoint Limoges Dresser Box
PPL682   Pairpoint Limoges Plate
PPL683   Pairpoint Limoges Shallow Bowl
PPL680   Pairpoint Limoges Vase
PPL681   Pairpoint Limoges Vase
PPL824   Pairpoint Limoges Vase
PPT751   Pairpoint Limoges Vase
PPT2908   Pairpoint Marbrie Paperweight
PPT800   Pairpoint Marina Blue Vase
PPT2912   Pairpoint Millefiori Paperweight
PPT1201   Pairpoint Paperweight Bowl
PPT3621   Pairpoint Pedestal Amethyst Crimp Rose Paperweight
PPT2782   Pairpoint Pedestal Paperweight
PPT3433   Pairpoint Pedestal Paperweight
PPT3427   Pairpoint Pedestal Snake Paperweight
PPT3620   Pairpoint Pedestal Yellow Crimp Rose Paperweight
PPT2783   Pairpoint Perfume Bottle
PPT3421   Pairpoint Pig Paperweight
PPT3649   Pairpoint Pink Snake Paperweight
PPT2914   Pairpoint Purple Crimp Rose
PPT781   Pairpoint Ruby Chalice Vase
PPT2907   Pairpoint Scramble Paperweight
PPT3424   Pairpoint Scramble Paperweight
PPT684   Pairpoint Silver-Plated Box
PPT2386   Pairpoint Spaced Millefiori
PPT2913   Pairpoint Sulphide
PPT3420   Pairpoint Sulphide - Pat Nixon
PPT3423   Pairpoint Sulphide - President Richard Nixon
PPT3418   Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight - Pansy
PPT2909   Pairpoint Swirl Paperweight
PPT3419   Pairpoint Swirl Paperweight
PPT747   Pairpoint Tavern Glass Cordial
PPT748   Pairpoint Tavern Glass Cordial - Whale
PPT826   Pairpoint Tavern Glass Tumbler
CZE2390   Paperweight Wine Stem
STA3334   Paul Stankard 1981 Violet Bouquet
STA3231   Paul Stankard Barberry Paperweight
STA2404   Paul Stankard Botanical Sculpture
STA2572   Paul Stankard Braided Stem Bouquet
STA3414   Paul Stankard Cattleya Orchid
STA3230   Paul Stankard Environmental Chicory
STA1640   Paul Stankard Forget-me-not
STA3228   Paul Stankard Lilac Paperweight
STA2573   Paul Stankard Medieval Herbal
STA2481   Paul Stankard Prickly Pear Cactus
STA2492   Paul Stankard Raspberries
STA3229   Paul Stankard Red Tea Rose & Morning Glory
STA2483   Paul Stankard Splendor Bouquet
STA3365   Paul Stankard Spring Beauties with Roots
YSA3268   Paul Ysart
YSA3662   Paul Ysart Butterfly in Basket
YSA3663   Paul Ysart Dragonfly Paperweight
YSA2970   Paul Ysart Fish Paperweight
YSA3478   Paul Ysart Fish Paperweight
YSA3274   Paul Ysart Flower
YSA3558   Paul Ysart IEA Paperweight
YSA2765   Paul Ysart Single Flower
YSA3335   Paul Ysart Six Flower Bouquet
BUL3693   PCA Bulletin - 1972
BUL3692   PCA Bulletin -1971
PER3727   Perthshire "PCA" Paperweight
PER3071b   Perthshire 1991 PP11 Paperweight
PER3314   Perthshire Amber Garland
PER2750   Perthshire Christmas Bouquet
PER2663   Perthshire Clematis & Primrose Garden
PER2891   Perthshire Double Overlay
PER3404   Perthshire Faceted Carpet Ground w/silhouettes
PER3724   Perthshire Gold Tartan Crown Paperweight
PER2424   Perthshire Hummingbird
PER2869   Perthshire Magnum Madison
PER1002   Perthshire Magnum Piedouche
PER2588   Perthshire Millefiori
PER2652   Perthshire Millefiori Bottle
CAT3870   Perthshire or Caithness Millefiori Tie Tack
PER3400   Perthshire PP1 Millefiori
PER3401   Perthshire PP1 Millefiori
PER2536b   Perthshire PP1 Paperweight
PER2543b   Perthshire PP1 Paperweight
PER2230b   Perthshire PP1 Spoke Paperweight
PER2540b   Perthshire PP1 Spoke Paperweight
PER3262b   Perthshire PP1 Spoke Paperweight
PER3432   Perthshire PP11 - 1975
PER2130   Perthshire PP14 Millefiori
PER3184   Perthshire PP14 Pattern Millefiori Ppaperweight
PER2208.   Perthshire PP15 Inkwell
PER1890   Perthshire PP19 Scramble
PER2455b   Perthshire PP2 Spoke Paperweight
PER2584   Perthshire PP20 Swirl
PER2779   Perthshire PP215
PER3397   Perthshire PP30
PER2535b   Perthshire PP4 Concentric Millefiori Paperweight
PER2541b   Perthshire PP4 Concentric Millefiori Paperweight
PER3185   Perthshire PP46 Spade Paperweight
PER3395   Perthshire PP47 - 1981
PER3396   Perthshire PP47 - 1982
PER3083   Perthshire PP56 Locomotive
PER2846   Perthshire PP7
PER3339   Perthshire PP81 Golfer
PER2385   Perthshire PP9 Tulip
PER2752   Perthshire Royal Wedding
PER3542   Perthshire Spoke Paperweight
PER2304   Perthshire Swan in the Pond
PER2942   Perthshire Triple Butterflies
LEW3730   Pete Lewis Crimp Rose Paperweight
RAS2789   Pete Raos Monet - Spring
RAS2790   Pete Raos Monet - Spring
RAS2839   Pete Raos Monet - Spring
RAS3178   Pete Raos Starfish Paperweight
MCD3569   Peter McDougall Millefiori Paperweight
GRU3306   Randall Grubb
GRU3745   Randall Grubb Floral Plaque
STL3436   Rare Antique St. Louis Rose Paperweight
PPT732   Rare Pairpoint Covered Compote with Ship Finial
GHL782   Rare Severn Ware Ghooleh Art Pottery Vase
BAN3303   Ray Banford Blue Iris Bouquet
OLM3189   Richard Olma Glass Paperweight
AYT3714   Rick A yotte Pink Rose Blossom
AYT3726   Rick Ayotte 1979 Male Scarlet Tanager
AYT3744   Rick Ayotte 1983 Red-breasted Nuthatch
AYT2941   Rick Ayotte Yellow-Billed Cuckoos
HAM3862   Robert Hamon Blue Crimp Flower
HAM3864   Robert Hamon Chartreuse Crimp Flower
HAM2093   Robert Hamon Double Fish
HAM3861   Robert Hamon Lampwork Cherries
HAM3866   Robert Hamon Lampwork Flower
HAM2153   Robert Hamon Millefiori
HAM2157   Robert Hamon Millefiori
HAM3264   Robert Hamon Pedestal Rose Paperweight
HAM0549   Robert Hamon Salamander
HAM1128   Robert Hamon Single Flower
HAM3863   Robert Hamon Yellow Crimp Rose
HAN2992   Robert Hansen Bird in Nest
WET2474   Robert Wetzel Paperweight Plaque
WET3690   Robert Wetzel Slag Glass Lizard Paperweight
HAN2774   Ron Hansen
HAN2772   Ron Hansen Flower
HAN2994   Ronald E. Hansen Parrot
HAN1748   Ronald Hansen
DUL728   Royal Doulton Santa Claus Jug
MTW537   Salt Shaker
MTW538   Salt Shaker
SAN2758   Sandwich Cruciform Paperweight
SAN2313   Sandwich Plums
SAN1982   Sandwich Poinsettia
SAN2730   Sandwich Poinsettia
SAN3541   Sandwich Poinsettia
SAN663   Sandwich Poinsettia
SAN3055   Sandwich Weed Flower
SAT140   Satin Glass Basket
SAT604   Satin Glass Ewer
SAT235   Satin Glass Jug
SAT236   Satin Glass Jug
SAT577   Satin Glass Nappy
SAT583   Satin Glass Rose Bowl
SAT608   Satin Glass Vase
SAT242   Satin Rose Bowl
SAT833   Satin Rose Bowl
CAT3871   Scottish Millefiori Tie Tack
SEL1186   Selkirk Flower
BKK3681   Selman Auction Catalog - Fall 1997
BKK3686   Selman Auction Catalog - Fall 1999
BKK3683   Selman Auction Catalog - Spring 1999
BKK3687   Selman Auction Catalog - Summer 1995
BKK3688   Selman Auction Catalog - Summer 1995
BKK3685   Selman Auction Catalog - Summer 1998
BKK3684   Selman Auction Catalog - Winter 1998
BKK3682   Selman Auction Catalog -Spring 2001
VIC788   Shell & Seaweed Rose Bowl
BCH674   Signed Bacchus Decorated Vase
CLC1949   Signed Clichy Chequer
WDS3732   Skip Woods Crimp Rose Paperweight
SMT445   Smith Brothers Bowl
SMT422   Smith Brothers Canteen Vase
SMT823   Smith Brothers Canteen Vase
SMT509   Smith Brothers Covered Jar
SMT510   Smith Brothers Covered Jar
SMT489   Smith Brothers Cracker Jar

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