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BAC3528   Antique Baccarat Butterfly
BAC3367   Antique Baccarat Camomile
BAC1983   Antique Baccarat Clematis Buds
BAC1645   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC1726   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC3527   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC3349   Antique Baccarat four Flower Bouquet
BAC3549   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Blue
BAC3551   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Green
BAC3548   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Red
BAC3546   Antique Baccarat Interlaced Trefoil Millefiori Paperweight
BAC3225   Antique Baccarat Interlaced Trefoils
BAC3337   Antique Baccarat Macedoine
BAC1966.   Antique Baccarat Moth Canes
BAC3254   Antique Baccarat Mushroom with Monkey Silhouette
BAC3053   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3092   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3533   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3626   Antique Baccarat Pansy Paperweight
BAC3757   Antique Baccarat Pansy Paperweight
BAC1989   Antique Baccarat Pompon
BAC1946   Antique Baccarat Wallflower
BOH2937   Antique Bohemian Amber Flash - Horse
BOH3804   Antique Bohemian Engraved Stag
BOH2966   Antique Bohemian Millefiori
VIC752   Antique English Swirl Rose Bowl
SUL3530   Antique French Sulphide - King Louis Philippe
ITA2698   Antique Italian Scramble
MLV3604   Antique Millville Devil's Fire Paperweight
RED3013   Antique Reidel Millefiori
SAN2997   Antique Sandwich Blue Poinsettia
SCR2175   Antique Scramble
STL0644   Antique St. Louis Cherries
STL3476   Antique St. Louis Concentric Millefiori Mushroom Paperweight
STL3474   Antique St. Louis Fruit Bouquet
STL1972   Antique St. Louis Fuchsia
STL2387   Antique St. Louis Hand Cooler
STL3765   Antique St. Louis Letter Press
STL1990   Antique St. Louis Mushroom
STL3434   Antique St. Louis Mushroom
STL2372   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL2604   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL3482   Antique St. Louis Nosegay Paperweight
STL3223   Antique St. Louis Pear
STL2003   Antique St. Louis Plums
STL1647   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1786   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1953   Antique St. Louis Strawberries
STL3525   Antique St. Louis Sulphide - Louis Bonaparte
STL1064   Antique St. Louis Upright Bouquet
STL2976   Antique St. Louis Upright Bouquet
nuv831   Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Vase
BOH754   Austrian or Bohemian Decorated Vase
BOH766   Austrian or Bohemian Hand Carved Vases
BAC2754   Baccarat Butterfly and White Daffodil
BAC0494   Baccarat Clematis Bouquet
BAC2123   Baccarat Double Clematis
DUP3302   Baccarat Dupont Millefiori
BAC2490   Baccarat Frog
BAC2124   Baccarat Mushroom
BAC3378   Baccarat Sulphide - Abraham Lincoln
BAC3374   Baccarat Sulphide - Adlai E. Stevenson
BAC3377   Baccarat Sulphide - Andrew Jackson
BAC3379   Baccarat Sulphide - James Monroe
BAC3386   Baccarat Sulphide - Mt. Rushmore
BAC3376   Baccarat Sulphide - Patrick Henry
BAC3381   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC3375   Baccarat Sulphide - Will Rogers
BAC3539   Baccarat Sulphide - Aries
BAC2361   Baccarat Sulphide - Benjamin Franklin
BAC3369   Baccarat Sulphide - Eleanor Roosevelt
BAC2983   Baccarat Sulphide - Gemini
BAC3372   Baccarat Sulphide - Harry S. Truman
BAC3373   Baccarat Sulphide - Herbert Hoover
BAC3368   Baccarat Sulphide - John F Kennedy
BAC2438   Baccarat Sulphide - Liberty Bell
BAC3371   Baccarat Sulphide - Napoleon Bonaparte
BAC2986   Baccarat sulphide - Theodore Roosevelt
BAC2125   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC2126   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC3370   Baccarat Sulphide - Woodrow Wilson
BAC3019   Baccarat/Franklin Mint Sulphide
SAU2661   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta - Rose
SAU2660   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta - Trumpet Lily
SAU2659   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta Morning Glory
BEL2727   Belgium Plaque Weight
BEL2716   Belgium Sulphide
BEL2726   Belgium Sulphide
BIS673   Bisque Baby Bottle
BIS670   Bisque Piano Baby
BIS671   Bisque Statue
STS730   Blue/white Staffordshire Pilgrim Pitcher
BAN3735   Bob & Bobbi Banford Floral Paperweight
BAN3307   Bob Banford Dragonfly & Flower Blossom
BAN3568   Bob Banford Floral
BAN3167   Bob Banford Strawberries Paperweight
BAN3310   Bob Banford Three Flower Bouquet
BOH3752   Bohemian Amber-stained Engraved Dog Paperweight
BOH3594   Bohemian Bell Pull
BOH3364   Bohemian Floral
BOH741   Bohemian Glass Basket
BOH2998   Bohemian Goblet/Vase
BOH3362   Bohemian Goblet/Vase
BOH3603   Bohemian Goblet/Vase
BOH3753   Bohemian Green-stained Engraved Stag
BOH2703   Bohemian millefiori
BOH2721   Bohemian Paperweight
BOH2722   Bohemian Paperweight
BOH3749   Bohemian Ruby-stained Engraved Stag
BOH3755   Bohemian Ruby-Stained Stag Decoration
BOH3003   Bohemian Scent Bottle
BOH468   Bohemian Tumbler
BOH469   Bohemian Tumbler
BOH470   Bohemian Tumbler
BOH389   Bohemian Vase
BKK3689   Book - Paperweights by John Bedford
BKK3713   Book - Paperweights from the Fuller Collection
BKK3677   Booklet - Glass Flowers in the Ware Collection
BUZ2620   Bridgeton Studios/Buzzini Underwater Scene
PPT857   Bryden Pairpoint Burmese Vase
PPT761   Bryden Pairpoint Christmas Bell
PPT852   Bryden Pairpoint Enamelware Paperweight
PPT854   Bryden Pairpoint Peach Blow Cup
PPT855   Bryden Pairpoint Peach Blow Cup
PPT856   Bryden Pairpoint Peach Blow Sugar & Creamer
PPT858   Bryden Pairpoint Peach Blow Sugar Bowl
PPT860   Bryden Pairpoint Sugar & Creamer
PPT3654   Bryden Pairpoint Sugar & Creamer Set
PPT3655   Bryden Pairpoint Sugar & Creamer Set
PPT3651   Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight
PPT3652   Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight
PPT3653   Bryden Pairpoint Sulphide Paperweight
PPT3650   Bryden Pairpoint Yellow Crimp Rose
PPT832   Bryden/Kiluk Creamer
PPT830   Bryden/Kiluk Peach Blow Compote
PPT837   Brydewn Pairpoint Amberina candlesticks
ENG2681   Bubbled Dump
MTW373   Burmese Bulbous Vase
MTW382   Burmese Charger
PPT364   Burmese Console Set
MTW356   Burmese Cup and Saucer
MTW703   Burmese Cup and Saucer
MTW331   Burmese Duck Bill Creamer
MTW704   Burmese Glass Saucer
MTW359   Burmese Gourd Vase
MTW366   Burmese Hanging Hall Light
MTW355   Burmese Large Footed Bowl
MTW376   Burmese Lily Vase
MTW397   Burmese Lily Vase
MTW399   Burmese Lily Vase
MTW343   Burmese Milk Pitcher
MTW333   Burmese Pouch Vase
MTW340   Burmese Shade
MTW341   Burmese Shade
PPT363   Burmese Sherbert
MTW358   Burmese Small Bowl
PPT360   Burmese Trumpet Vase
MTW352   Burmese Violet Bowl
CAT3471   Caithness 80th Birthday of QEII
CAT3216   Caithness Midnight Millennium Paperweight
CAT3215   Caithness Myriad
CAT2798   Caithness - One True Love
CAT1392   Caithness Abseil
CAT1394   Caithness Aperture
CAT3203   Caithness Astral Dance
CAT1389   Caithness Aztec
CAT1216   Caithness Badger
CAT3212   Caithness Blue Mini Moonflower Paperweight
CAT2729   Caithness Cinderella
CAT2708   Caithness Discovery
CAT3204   Caithness Feather Paperweight
CAT3188   Caithness Flower of Scotland Paperweight
CAT3205   Caithness Fortune Paperweight
CAT3209   Caithness Lace Maker Paperweight
CAT3213   Caithness Lace Tapestry Paperweight
CAT3869   Caithness Millefiori Thimble
CAT3211   Caithness Millenium Miniature Paperweight
CAT3073   Caithness Miniature Thistle
CAT1414   Caithness Moonflower Celebration
CAT1405   Caithness New World
CAT1409   Caithness Planet Set
CAT3214   Caithness Raindrop Paperweight
CAT3210   Caithness Red Mini Moonflower Paperweight
CAT2170   Caithness Red Myriad
CAT2870   Caithness Regal Lily
CAT2191   Caithness Regency Stripe
CAT2300   Caithness Robin and Kettle
CAT3207   Caithness Sea Pearls Paperweight
CAT1502   Caithness Silver Jubilee Fleet Review
CAT1506   Caithness Starbase
CAT2220   Caithness Strawberry
CAT1404   Caithness Transatlantic
CAT1345   Caithness Treble Chance
CAT1403   Caithness Twilight Pool
CAT3206   Caithness Weaver Paperweight
CAT3201   Caithness Windflower Ruby
CAT2210   Caithness/Whitefriars Flower Garden
CAT2192   Caithness/Whitefriars Scarlet Bouquet
CAT2451   Caithness/Whitefriars Still Life Paperweight
CAT2185   Caithness/William Manson Grapes

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