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BAC2982   1958 Baccarat Church Weight
BAC2985   1969 Baccarat Sulphide - Adlai Stevenson
BAC3016   1970 Baccarat Church Weight
STL2594   1971 St. Louis Swirl Paperweight
WTF3075   1973 Whitefriars Concentric Millefiori
WHF1549   1974 Whitefriars Concentric Millefiori
WTF3074   1976 Whitefriars Cylinder paperweight
WTF3077   1978 Whitefriars Close Packed Millefiori
BAC2996   1979 Baccarat Gridel - Pigeon
PER3022   1979 Perthshire Christmas Angel
PER3024   1979 Perthshire Garland
PER3026   1979 Perthshire Miniature Double Overlay
WHF3048   1979 Whitefriars Large Butterfly
PER2954   1980 Perthshire Tropical Fish
ABE3027   1982 Abelman Surface Decorated
PER3082   1984 Perthshire Double Overlay Floral
PER3008   1986 Perthshire Golden Dahlia
BAC2950   1988 Baccarat Interlaced Trefoils
LUN2949   1989 James Lundberg World Weight
PER2952   1989 Perthshire Cherries
PER3071   1991 Perthshire PP11
SMT2955   1992 Gordon Smith Prickly Pear Cactus
BAC2818   1993 Baccarat Butterfly
CPC2918   1996 Cape Cod Glass Works Snowman
ROS3143   2015 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
ROS3135   2016 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
ROS3136   2016 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
CSM3049   2017 Clinton Smith Figural Paperweight
CSM3051   2017 Clinton Smith Orange Frog
CSM3050   2017 Clinton Smith Yellow Frog
GRA3121   2017 David Graeber Bouquet
GRA3123   2017 David Graeber Bouquet
GRA3125   2017 David Graeber Bouquet
GRA3118   2017 David Graeber Lemon Bouquet
GRA3120   2017 David Graeber Lemon Bouquet
ROS3142   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Bunny
ROS3134   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Cactus
ROS3126   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Compound Fish Paperweight
ROS3137   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Desert Scene
ROS3141   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
ROs3131   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Mini Berry Bouquet
ROS3128   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Mini Bouquet
ROS3129   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Mini Desert Scene
ROS3133   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Mini Desert Scene
ROS3132   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Mini Rose Bouquet
ROS3140   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Pond Lilies
ROS3138   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Tree Frog
ROS3130   2017 Ken Rosenfeld Vegetable Bouquet
HUN3099   2017 Mike Hunter Close Packed with Owl Portrait Cane
HUN3100   2017 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
HUN3104   2017 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
HUN3101   2017 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori w/Cat Cane
HUN3097   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
HUN3103   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
HUN3105   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
ABR2665   Abrams Advertising Weight - Baldwin
AMB200   Amberina Handle-less Punch Cup
AMB184   Amberina Water Set
SCR2709   American Scramble
BAC1983   Antique Baccarat Clematis Buds
BAC1645   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC1726   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC1985   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC1966.   Antique Baccarat Moth Canes
BAC3012   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3053   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3092   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC1989   Antique Baccarat Pompon
BAC2901   Antique Baccarat Primrose
BAC2461   Antique Baccarat Rock
BAC1946   Antique Baccarat Wallflower
BOH2937   Antique Bohemian Amber Flash - Horse
BOH2966   Antique Bohemian Millefiori
VIC752   Antique English Swirl Rose Bowl
ITA2698   Antique Italian Scramble
RED3013   Antique Reidel Millefiori
SAN2997   Antique Sandwich Blue Poinsettia
SCR2175   Antique Scramble
STL0644   Antique St. Louis Cherries
STL1972   Antique St. Louis Fuchsia
STL2387   Antique St. Louis Hand Cooler
STL1990   Antique St. Louis Mushroom
STL2372   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL2604   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL2003   Antique St. Louis Plums
STL1647   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1786   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1953   Antique St. Louis Strawberries
STL1064   Antique St. Louis Upright Bouquet
SUL2887   Antique Sulphide Drawer Pull
BOH754   Austrian or Bohemian Decorated Vase
BOH766   Austrian or Bohemian Hand Carved Vases
BAC2754   Baccarat Butterfly and Orchid
BAC0494   Baccarat Clematis Bouquet
BAC2450   Baccarat Concentric Millefiori
BAC2123   Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC2490   Baccarat Frog
BAC2124   Baccarat Mushroom
BAC2580   Baccarat Open Concentric Millefiori
BAC2361   Baccarat Sulphide - Benjamin Franklin
BAC2983   Baccarat Sulphide - Gemini
BAC2438   Baccarat Sulphide - Liberty Bell
BAC2984   Baccarat Sulphide - Pisces
BAC2986   Baccarat sulphide - Theodore Roosevelt
BAC2125   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC2126   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC2895   Baccarat Zodiac
BAC3019   Baccarat/Franklin Mint Sulphide
SAU2661   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta - Rose
SAU2660   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta - Trumpet Lily
SAU2659   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta Morning Glory
BEL2727   Belgium Plaque Weight
BEL2716   Belgium Sulphide
BEL2726   Belgium Sulphide
BIS673   Bisque Baby Bottle
BIS670   Bisque Piano Baby
STS730   Blue/white Staffordshire Pilgrim Pitcher
BAN2338   Bob Banford Bouquet
BAN2095   Bob Banford Mini Poinsettia
BAN1115   Bob Banford Miniature
HAM1128   Bob Hamon Single Flower
BOH2685   Bohemian Floral
BOH741   Bohemian Glass Basket
BOH2998   Bohemian Goblet/Vase
BOH1660   Bohemian Magnum paperweight
BOH2703   Bohemian millefiori
BOH2721   Bohemian Paperweight
BOH2722   Bohemian Paperweight
BOH3003   Bohemian Scent Bottle
BOH389   Bohemian Vase
BUZ2620   Bridgeton Studios/Buzzini Underwater Scene
PPT812   Bryden Pairpoint /Phil Kiluk Peach Blow Basket
PPT761   Bryden Pairpoint Christmas Bell
ENG2681   Bubbled Dump
SJ5302   Bumpon Self Adhesive Bumpers
MTW356   Burmese Cup and Saucer
MTW331   Burmese Duck Bill Creamer
MTW704   Burmese Glass Saucer
MTW376   Burmese Lily Vase
MTW340   Burmese Shade
PPT363   Burmese Sherbert
MTW351   Burmese Vase
MTW338   Burmese Wine
CAT2798   Caithness - One True Love
CAT1392   Caithness Abseil
CAT2170   Caithness Abstract
CAT3080   Caithness Amethyst Bouquet
CAT1394   Caithness Aperture
CAT1389   Caithness Aztec
CAT1216   Caithness Badger
CAT3078   Caithness Bluebirds
CAT2729   Caithness Cinderella
CAT1857   Caithness Dervish
CAT2708   Caithness Discovery
CAT3073   Caithness Miniature Thistle
CAT1414   Caithness Moonflower Celebration
CAT1405   Caithness New World
CAT3079   Caithness Partridge in a Pear Tree
CAT2793   Caithness Pink Beauty
CAT1409   Caithness Planet Set
CAT2870   Caithness Regal Lily
CAT2191   Caithness Regency Stripe
CAT1502   Caithness Silver Jubilee Fleet Review
CAT1506   Caithness Starbase
CAT2220   Caithness Strawberry
CAT1404   Caithness Transatlantic
CAT1345   Caithness Treble Chance
CAT1403   Caithness Twilight Pool
CAT2188   Caithness/Whitefriars Brocade Butterfly
CAT2210   Caithness/Whitefriars Flower Garden
CAT2192   Caithness/Whitefriars Scarlet Bouquet
CAT2197   Caithness/William Manson Cherry Blossom
CAT2185   Caithness/William Manson Grapes
CPC3089   Cape Cod Glass Works Scramble
CPC3090   Cape Cod Glass Works Scramble
CPC3095   Cape Cod Glass Works Scramble
CCG814   Cape Cod Glass Works Vase
SMH2855   Carolyn Smith Floral
SMH2853   Carolyn Smith Yellow Flower
KAZ1630   Charles Kaziun Double Overlay Crimp Rose
KA3058   Charles Kaziun Masonic Tie Tack
KAZ3110   Charles Kaziun Pedestal Rose
KAZ3062   Charles Kaziun Rope Rose Pedestal
KAZ3060   Charles Kaziun Spider Lily
KAZ3061   Charles Kaziun Spider Lily
KAZ2999   Charles Kaziun Stylized Posey
CHN2647   Chinese Block Paperweight
CHN2989   Chinese Ink Well
CHN2980   Chinese Pansy
JUE2898   Chris Juedemann Murrine Cane - Burano Canal Scene
CLC2383   Clichy Millefiori
CLC2902   Clichy Millefiori
CLC2981   Clichy Millefiori Pie Douche
CLC540   Clichy Mini Millefiori
CLC2337   Clichy Miniature
CLC3093   Clichy Open Concentric Millefiori
CLC2880   Clichy Open Concentric with faceting
CLC2881   Clichy Scramble
CLC2882   Clichy Scramble

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