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STL3313   1953 St. Louis Coronation
BAC2985   1969 Baccarat Sulphide - Adlai Stevenson
BAC3016   1970 Baccarat Church Weight
PER3721   1970 Perthshire PP12 Millefiori
STL3317   1970 St. Louis Double Overlay Mushroom
STL3522   1970 St. Louis Double Overlay Mushroom
STL3520   1971 St. Louis Marbrie Paperweight
STL2594   1971 St. Louis Swirl Paperweight
STL3318   1972 St. Louis Carpet Ground
STL3271   1972 St. Louis Clematis
BAC3270   1973 Baccarat Gridel - Horse
BAC3803   1973 Baccarat Salamander
PER3280   1973 Perthshire Clematis on Basket
BAC3756   1974 Baccarat Gridel - Hunter
WHF1549   1974 Whitefriars Concentric Millefiori
BAC3328   1975 Baccarat Bunch of Grapes
STA3415   1975 Paul Stankard Bellwort
PER3728   1975 Perthshire PP27
PER3538   1975 Perthshire Tudor Rose
STL3585   1975 St. Louis Cherries
STL3275   1975 St. Louis Double Overlay Bouquet
ZMM3584   1975 Zimmerman Scent Bottle
BAC3382   1976 Baccarat Gridel - Deer
BAC3383   1976 Baccarat Gridel - Monkey
BAC3893   1976 Baccarat Red Rose
PPT779   1976 Pairpoint Bicentennial Vase
PER3269   1976 Perthshire Mini Flower
WTF3074   1976 Whitefriars Cylinder paperweight
WHF3460   1976 Whitefriars Millefiori American Flag Paperweight
MAN3393   1976 William Manson/Caithness Four Seasons Set
BAC3385   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Dancing Devil
BAC3384   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Stork
BAC3555   1977 Baccarat Close Pack Zodiac Paperweight
BAC3547   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Dancing Devil
BAC3805   1977 Baccarat Silver Jubilee Sulphide - QEII
STL3467   1977 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Honeycomb Paperweight
STL3468   1977 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Swirl Paperweight
STL3759   1977 St. Louis Upright Bouquet
PER3288   1978 Perthshire Floral Bouquet
PER3884   1978 Perthshire Scottish Heather Sprig
WTF3077   1978 Whitefriars Close Packed Millefiori
BAC3486   1979 Baccarat Green Snake
PER3022   1979 Perthshire Christmas Angel
PER3024   1979 Perthshire Garland
PER3480   1979 Perthshire Horse & Jockey Paperweight
PER3026   1979 Perthshire Miniature Double Overlay
PER3881   1979 Perthshire Overlay Bottle
AYT3823   1979 Rick Ayotte Miniature Goldfinch
AYT3833   1979 Rick Ayotte Miniature Male Goldfinch
TRA3768   1979 Victor Trabucco Floral Bouquet
WHF3461   1979 Whitefriars Millefiori Ink Well
DEA3723   1980 "J" Glass Interlaced Trefoils
AYT3720   1980 Rick Ayotte Baltimore Oriole
AYT3829   1980 Rick Ayotte Herring Sea Gull
AYT3820   1980 Rick Ayotte House Wren
AYT3822   1980 Rick Ayotte Male & Female Scarlet Tanager
AYT3821   1980 Rick Ayotte Wood Thrush
STL3484   1980 St. Louis Molded Lizard
WHF3463   1980 Whitefriars Millefiori Spoke Paperweight
MAN3181   1980 William Manson Lilac paperweight
SAL3543   1981 Daniel Salazar Orchid Paperweight
MAN3536   1981 William Manson Royal Wedding Sulphide
ABE3027   1982 Abelman Surface Decorated
BAC3487   1982 Baccarat Dragonfly Paperweight
PER3836   1982 Perthshire Nursery Rhyme
AYT3296   1982 Rick Ayotte Dickcissel
AYT3647   1982 Rick Ayotte Grosbeak Paperweight
AYT3742   1982 Rick Ayotte Painted Bunting
SEL3896   1982 Selkirk Marbrie
STL3469   1982 St. Louis Strawberry Paperweight
SMT3796   1983 Gordon Smith Orchid Bouquet
PER3196   1983 Perthshire Ducks on a Pond
PER3290   1983 Perthshire Three Flower Bouquet
AYT3777   1983 Rick Ayotte Hawaiian Honeycreeper Paperweight
STL3282   1983 St. Louis Millefiori Heart Bouquet
SMT3795   1984 Gordon Smith Lady Slipper Orchid
BUL3694   1984 PCA Bulletin
AYT3825   1984 Rick Ayotte Miniature Vermilion Flycatcher
AYT3775   1984 Rick Ayotte Sutton's Warbler Paperweight
STL3283   1984 St. Louis Nympheas
SMT3740   1985 Gordon Smith Floral Blossoms
PAR3770   1985 Parabelle Close Concentric Millefiori Paperweight
PER3281   1985 Perthshire Faceted Primroses
AYT3824   1985 Rick Ayotte Miniature Male Cardinal
STA3291   1986 Paul Stankard Forget-me-nots
PER3008   1986 Perthshire Golden Dahlia
AYT3771   1986 Rick Ayotte Scarlet-Chested Parrot Paperweight
AYT3776   1986 Rick Ayotte Winter Wren Paperweight
SMT3794   1987 Gordon Smith Strawberry Bouquet
PAR3762   1987 Parabelle Millefiori Circlets
PER3297   1987 Perthshire Bald Eagle
AYT3743   1987 Rick Ayotte Christmas Ribbon Bouquet
AYT3351   1987 Rick Ayotte Salmon-Crested Cockatoo
AYT3782   1987 Rick Ayotte Sheartail Hummingbird
AYT3817   1987 Rick Ayotte Titmouse on Snowy Ground
BAC2950   1988 Baccarat Interlaced Trefoils
SMT3793   1988 Gordon Smith Bird of Paradise
SMT3792   1988 Gordon Smith Single Rose
ROS3308   1988 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
BUL3695   1988 PCA Bulletin
AYT3786   1988 Rick Ayotte Blueberry Bouquet
AYT3785   1988 Rick Ayotte Hawthorne Berry Bouquet
LUN2949   1989 James Lundberg World Weight
BUL3696   1989 PCA Bulletin
GRU3763   1989 Randall Grubb Floral Bouquet
AYT3783   1989 Rick Ayotte American Plum Bouquet
AYT3828   1989 Rick Ayotte Mini Long-billed Star-Throat Hummingbird
AYT3772   1989 Rick Ayotte Tiger Lily Paperweight
BUL3699   1990 PCA Bulletin
AYT3787   1990 Rick Ayotte Apple Blossom Bouquet
AYT3819   1990 Rick Ayotte Miniature Chrysanthemum
AYT3827   1990 Rick Ayotte Miniature Yellow Rose
AYT3648   1990 Rick Ayotte Swamp Sparrow Paperweight
SMT3791   1991 Gordon Smith Raspberry Paperweight
SMT3790   1991 Gordon Smith Tang Fish
SMP3898   1991 Josh Simpson Planet Weight
BUL3700   1991 PCA Bulletin
AYT3741   1991 Rick Ayotte Celebrate Holiday Berry Bouquet
AYT3778   1991 Rick Ayotte Crab Apple Bouquet
STL3676   1991 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Crown Paperweight
BUZ3738   1992 Chris Buzzini Blue Columbine Paperweight
SMT2955   1992 Gordon Smith Prickly Pear Cactus
ROS3758   1992 Ken Rosenfeld Seven Flower Bouquet
BUL3702   1992 PCA Bulletin
AYT3789   1992 Rick Ayotte Le Bouquet De Printemps
AYT3788   1992 Rick Ayotte Pink Peace
TRA3891   1993 David & John Trabucco Raspberries
AYT3309   1993 Rick Ayotte American Beauty Rose Bouquet
AYT3718   1993 Rick Ayotte Mini Red Rose Paperweight
BUL3701   1993-1994 PCA Bulletin
AYT3722   1994 Rick Ayotte A Touch of Class Pink Rose
AYT3779   1994 Rick Ayotte Fuchsia Frolic
ROS3759   1995 Ken Rosenfeld Crescent Bouquet
ROS3747   1995 Ken Rosenfeld Orchid
PAR3748   1995 Parabelle Millefiori Paperweight
BUL3703   1995 PCA Bulletin
AYT3715   1995 Rick Ayotte Mini Loon
AYT3834   1995 Rick Ayotte Miniature Peony
AYT3780   1995 Rick Ayotte Symphony
AYT3311   1995 Rick Ayotte Symphony Bouquet
EBE3717   1996 Drew Ebelhare Millefiori
EBE3729   1996 Drew Ebelhare Millefiori
BUL3704   1996 PCA Bulletin
PER3838   1996 Perthshire Crown with Flower
PER3839   1996 Perthshire Ladybug
PER3835   1996 Perthshire PP47 Lampwork Flower
AYT3716   1996 Rick Ayotte European Robin
AYT3774   1996 Rick Ayotte Passing Glory Paperweight
AYT3773   1996 Rick Ayotte White Mountain Bouquet Paperweight
STL3592   1996 St. Louis Anthemis Encased Double Overlay
ROS3766   1997 Ken Rosenfeld Sunflower
BUL3705   1997 PCA Bulletin
BUL3706   1998 PCA Bulletin
BUL3707   1999 PCA Bulletin
DNF3899   2002 Jim Donofrio Dalmation Paperweight
BUL3708   2006 PCA Bulletin
BUL3709   2007 PCA Bulletin
HUN3408   2008 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
BUL3710   2008 PCA Bulletin
AYT3557   2010 Rick Ayotte Hallucination Glass Sculpture
ROS3670   2016 Ken Rosenfeld Prunous Blossoms Paperweight
CSM3051   2017 Clinton Smith Orange Frog
CSM3050   2017 Clinton Smith Yellow Frog
GRA3578   2017 David Graeber Floral Bouuquet
GRA3120   2017 David Graeber Lemon Bouquet
HUN3100   2017 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
HUN3103   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
HUN3105   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
CSM3172   2018 Clinton Smith Blue Crayfish Paperweight
BUL3711   2021 PCA Bulletin
HUN3856   2022 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
HUN3855   2022 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori - Toucan
HUN3845   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Chickadee
HUN3851   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Dancing Couples
HUN3846   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Kingfisher
HUN3850   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Love Birds
HUN3849   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Panda
HUN3847   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Pandas
HUN3853   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Rose, Kingfisher, Dragonfly
HUN3854   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Rose, Moss, Finch
HUN3848   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Roses, Gouldian Finch
HUN3852   2022 Mike Hunter Millefiori - Roses, Kingfisher, & Butterfly
HUN3860   2022 Mike Hunter Mini Kingfisher
HUN3858   2022 Mike Hunter Mini Love Birds
HUN3844   2022 Mike Hunter Panda
HUN3857   2022 Mike Hunter Paperweight Hat
BUL3712   2022 PCA Bulletin
ABR2665   Abrams Advertising Weight - Baldwin
AMB203   Amberina Butter Pat
AMB843   Amberina Creamer
AMB200   Amberina Handle-less Punch Cup
AMB846   Amberina Large Bwol
AMB847   Amberina Lily Vase
AMB841   Amberina Nappy
AMB188   Amberina Toothpick Holder
AMB844   Amberina Vase
AMB845   Amberina Vase
AMB304   Amberina Water Carafe
AMB184   Amberina Water Set

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