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STL3313   1953 St. Louis Coronation
BAC2985   1969 Baccarat Sulphide - Adlai Stevenson
BAC3016   1970 Baccarat Church Weight
STL3317   1970 St. Louis Double Overlay Mushroom
STL3522   1970 St. Louis Double Overlay Mushroom
STL3520   1971 St. Louis Marbrie Paperweight
STL2594   1971 St. Louis Swirl Paperweight
STL3318   1972 St. Louis Carpet Ground
STL3271   1972 St. Louis Clematis
BAC3270   1973 Baccarat Gridel - Horse
PER3280   1973 Perthshire Clematis on Basket
WHF1549   1974 Whitefriars Concentric Millefiori
BAC3328   1975 Baccarat Bunch of Grapes
STA3415   1975 Paul Stankard Bellwort
PER3538   1975 Perthshire Tudor Rose
STL3585   1975 St. Louis Cherries
STL3275   1975 St. Louis Double Overlay Bouquet
ZMM3584   1975 Zimmerman Scent Bottle
BAC3382   1976 Baccarat Gridel - Deer
BAC3383   1976 Baccarat Gridel - Monkey
PPT779   1976 Pairpoint Bicentennial Vase
PER3269   1976 Perthshire Mini Flower
WTF3074   1976 Whitefriars Cylinder paperweight
WHF3460   1976 Whitefriars Millefiori American Flag Paperweight
MAN3393   1976 William Manson/Caithness Four Seasons Set
BAC3385   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Dancing Devil
BAC3384   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Stork
BAC3555   1977 Baccarat Close Pack Zodiac Paperweight
BAC3547   1977 Baccarat Gridel - Dancing Devil
STL3467   1977 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Honeycomb Paperweight
STL3468   1977 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Swirl Paperweight
PER3288   1978 Perthshire Floral Bouquet
WTF3077   1978 Whitefriars Close Packed Millefiori
BAC3486   1979 Baccarat Green Snake
PER3022   1979 Perthshire Christmas Angel
PER3024   1979 Perthshire Garland
PER3480   1979 Perthshire Horse & Jockey Paperweight
PER3026   1979 Perthshire Miniature Double Overlay
WHF3461   1979 Whitefriars Millefiori Ink Well
PER2954   1980 Perthshire Tropical Fish
STL3484   1980 St. Louis Molded Lizard
WHF3463   1980 Whitefriars Millefiori Spoke Paperweight
MAN3181   1980 William Manson Lilac paperweight
SAL3543   1981 Daniel Salazar Orchid Paperweight
MAN3536   1981 William Manson Royal Wedding Sulphide
ABE3027   1982 Abelman Surface Decorated
BAC3487   1982 Baccarat Dragonfly Paperweight
AYT3296   1982 Rick Ayotte Dickcissel
AYT3647   1982 Rick Ayotte Grosbeak Paperweight
STL3570   1982 St. Louis Lily of the Valley
STL3469   1982 St. Louis Strawberry Paperweight
PER3196   1983 Perthshire Ducks on a Pond
PER3290   1983 Perthshire Three Flower Bouquet
STL3282   1983 St. Louis Millefiori Heart Bouquet
BUL3694   1984 PCA Bulletin
STL3283   1984 St. Louis Nympheas
PER3281   1985 Perthshire Faceted Primroses
STA3291   1986 Paul Stankard Forget-me-nots
PER3008   1986 Perthshire Golden Dahlia
PER3297   1987 Perthshire Bald Eagle
AYT3351   1987 Rick Ayotte Salmon-Crested Cockatoo
BAC2950   1988 Baccarat Interlaced Trefoils
ROS3308   1988 Ken Rosenfeld Floral Bouquet
BUL3695   1988 PCA Bulletin
LUN2949   1989 James Lundberg World Weight
BUL3696   1989 PCA Bulletin
BUL3699   1990 PCA Bulletin
AYT3648   1990 Rick Ayotte Swamp Sparrow Paperweight
BUL3700   1991 PCA Bulletin
STL3676   1991 St. Louis Magnum Pedestal Crown Paperweight
STL3588   1991 St. Louis White Rose Bouquet
SMT2955   1992 Gordon Smith Prickly Pear Cactus
BUL3702   1992 PCA Bulletin
PER3587   1992 Perthshire Overlay Basket
AYT3309   1993 Rick Ayotte American Beauty Rose Bouquet
BUL3701   1993-1994 PCA Bulletin
BUL3703   1995 PCA Bulletin
AYT3311   1995 Rick Ayotte Symphony Bouquet
BUL3704   1996 PCA Bulletin
STL3592   1996 St. Louis Anthemis Encased Double Overlay
BUL3705   1997 PCA Bulletin
BUL3706   1998 PCA Bulletin
BUL3707   1999 PCA Bulletin
BUL3708   2006 PCA Bulletin
BUL3709   2007 PCA Bulletin
HUN3408   2008 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
BUL3710   2008 PCA Bulletin
AYT3557   2010 Rick Ayotte Hallucination Glass Sculpture
ROS3670   2016 Ken Rosenfeld Prunous Blossoms Paperweight
CSM3051   2017 Clinton Smith Orange Frog
CSM3050   2017 Clinton Smith Yellow Frog
GRA3578   2017 David Graeber Floral Bouuquet
GRA3120   2017 David Graeber Lemon Bouquet
HUN3100   2017 Mike Hunter Concentric Millefiori
HUN3103   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
HUN3105   2017 Mike Hunter Pattern Millefiori
CSM3172   2018 Clinton Smith Blue Crayfish Paperweight
BUL3711   2021 PCA Bulletin
BUL3712   2022 PCA Bulletin
ABR2665   Abrams Advertising Weight - Baldwin
AMB203   Amberina Butter Pat
AMB843   Amberina Creamer
AMB200   Amberina Handle-less Punch Cup
AMB846   Amberina Large Bwol
AMB847   Amberina Lily Vase
AMB841   Amberina Nappy
AMB188   Amberina Toothpick Holder
AMB844   Amberina Vase
AMB845   Amberina Vase
AMB304   Amberina Water Carafe
AMB184   Amberina Water Set
AMB186   Amberina Whiskey Taster
BKK3679   American Glass Paperweights and Their Makers
BAC3191   Antique Baccarat Anemone
BAC3633   Antique Baccarat Buttercup - Blue
BAC3624   Antique Baccarat Buttercup - Red
BAC3528   Antique Baccarat Butterfly
BAC3529   Antique Baccarat Butterfly Over a White Clematis
BAC3367   Antique Baccarat Camomile
BAC1983   Antique Baccarat Clematis Buds
BAC1645   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC1726   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC3527   Antique Baccarat Double Clematis
BAC3349   Antique Baccarat four Flower Bouquet
BAC3549   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Blue
BAC3550   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Clear Ground
BAC3551   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Green
BAC3548   Antique Baccarat Hunter & Dog Sulphide - Red
BAC3546   Antique Baccarat Interlaced Trefoil Millefiori Paperweight
BAC3225   Antique Baccarat Interlaced Trefoils
BAC3337   Antique Baccarat Macedoine
BAC1966.   Antique Baccarat Moth Canes
BAC3254   Antique Baccarat Mushroom with Monkey Silhouette
BAC3053   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3092   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3533   Antique Baccarat Pansy
BAC3626   Antique Baccarat Pansy Paperweight
BAC1989   Antique Baccarat Pompon
BAC1946   Antique Baccarat Wallflower
BOH2937   Antique Bohemian Amber Flash - Horse
BOH2966   Antique Bohemian Millefiori
VIC752   Antique English Swirl Rose Bowl
SUL3530   Antique French Sulphide - King Louis Philippe
ITA2698   Antique Italian Scramble
MLV3604   Antique Millville Devil's Fire Paperweight
RED3013   Antique Reidel Millefiori
SAN2997   Antique Sandwich Blue Poinsettia
SAN3645   Antique Sandwich Blue Poinsettia w/Lutz Rose
SCR2175   Antique Scramble
STL0644   Antique St. Louis Cherries
STL3476   Antique St. Louis Concentric Millefiori Mushroom Paperweight
STL3474   Antique St. Louis Fruit Bouquet
STL1972   Antique St. Louis Fuchsia
STL2387   Antique St. Louis Hand Cooler
STL1990   Antique St. Louis Mushroom
STL3434   Antique St. Louis Mushroom
STL2372   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL2604   Antique St. Louis Nosegay
STL3482   Antique St. Louis Nosegay Paperweight
STL3223   Antique St. Louis Pear
STL2003   Antique St. Louis Plums
STL1647   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1786   Antique St. Louis Pompon
STL1953   Antique St. Louis Strawberries
STL3525   Antique St. Louis Sulphide - Louis Bonaparte
STL1064   Antique St. Louis Upright Bouquet
STL2976   Antique St. Louis Upright Bouquet
nuv831   Art Nouveau Peacock Feather Vase
BOH754   Austrian or Bohemian Decorated Vase
BOH766   Austrian or Bohemian Hand Carved Vases
BAC2754   Baccarat Butterfly and White Daffodil
BAC0494   Baccarat Clematis Bouquet
BAC2123   Baccarat Double Clematis
DUP3302   Baccarat Dupont Millefiori
BAC2490   Baccarat Frog
BAC2124   Baccarat Mushroom
BAC3378   Baccarat Sulphide - Abraham Lincoln
BAC3374   Baccarat Sulphide - Adlai E. Stevenson
BAC3377   Baccarat Sulphide - Andrew Jackson
BAC3379   Baccarat Sulphide - James Monroe
BAC3386   Baccarat Sulphide - Mt. Rushmore
BAC3376   Baccarat Sulphide - Patrick Henry
BAC3381   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC3375   Baccarat Sulphide - Will Rogers
BAC3539   Baccarat Sulphide - Aries
BAC2361   Baccarat Sulphide - Benjamin Franklin
BAC3369   Baccarat Sulphide - Eleanor Roosevelt
BAC2983   Baccarat Sulphide - Gemini
BAC3372   Baccarat Sulphide - Harry S. Truman
BAC3373   Baccarat Sulphide - Herbert Hoover
BAC3368   Baccarat Sulphide - John F Kennedy
BAC2438   Baccarat Sulphide - Liberty Bell
BAC3371   Baccarat Sulphide - Napoleon Bonaparte
BAC2986   Baccarat sulphide - Theodore Roosevelt
BAC2125   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC2126   Baccarat Sulphide - Thomas Paine
BAC3370   Baccarat Sulphide - Woodrow Wilson
BAC3019   Baccarat/Franklin Mint Sulphide
SAU2661   Barry Sautner Insculpture Diatreta - Rose

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