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Burmese Trumpet Vase Pairpoint Burmese Jack-in-the-Pulpit Burmese Sherbert
Burmese Trumpet Vase
Our Price: $275.00
Sale Price: $165.00
Savings: $110.00
Pairpoint Burmese Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Our Price: $275.00
Sale Price: $175.00
Savings: $100.00
Burmese Sherbert
Our Price: $375.00
Sale Price: $350.00
Savings: $25.00
PPT360.  Pairpoint Burmese Trumpet vase in glossy finish and a scalloped top. 10" tall. Excellent condition.  $165 PPT367.  Large ruffled Pairpoint Burmese Jack-in-the-Pulpit glass bowl. Outstanding deep color and fine thin quality make this a truly fine example of the Burmese glass made by Pairpoint of the 1920's. Original glossy finish. 3 1/2" tall by 12 1/2" wide. PPT363.  Absolutely glorious is this two piece Pairpoint Burmese sherbert and underplate. It has the finest possible color, and has a very thin Mt. Washington quality. This was made in the 1920's and was presented as a wedding gift to a local family. These sets are truly a wonderful investment. We have a set of four. Overall height is 3 1/2", diameter of plate 6 1/2", and 4 1/4" across sherbert. Excellent condition.
Burmese Console Set
Burmese Console Set
Our Price: $975.00
Sale Price: $585.00
Savings: $390.00
PPT364.  Pairpoint Burmese Console Set from the 1920's in glossy finish, 10" diameter ruffled bowl. 5 ½" tall candlesticks. Excellent condition.